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Why do I write?

Every person who takes up pen and paper or keyboard and screen has their own answer to that question. Whether they are writing the great American novel, a heartfelt memoir, a sonnet in time and rhyme or a journalistic reportage of actual events the writer’s motivation is the same. To write; to take up vocabulary and insight in order to record and share an event, a memory, a fantasy, a story. For a writer, writing is an essential bodily function like breathing in and breathing out. I am a writer because I write. Would I like my work to be widely read and appreciated? Of course, but the badge of critical acceptance does not define who I am. The size of my readership does not determine the value of my work. I am a writer: the creator and defender of story and characters and my work is its own validation.

Stories are the way we order and explain our lives.  We learn, we remember, we dream through the words and images of stories.  Think about it - when you try to make sense of your life or when you try to describe your life to others don't you eventually end up being a storyteller?  Is there any better way to connect the people, places, and events, the ups, downs and in-betweens, the what-was, what-is and what is still-to-come of your life?  And when you read a good book, isn't it the story that makes all the difference?

Stories connect us with each other and with our past, our present and our future.  A story can take us away to another place or time; it can let us experience another person's life or better understand our own; it can even lift us beyond the limitations of this world.  People have been telling stories forever.  Today, we tell our stories with both words and images, but as much as we may love movies, television, video games and virtual reality none of those draw us in and allow us to become part of a story like a good book.  Without someone else's visual images to portray the people and places in a story, our imaginations rule!  The characters in a book look as we think they should - sometimes like us or others we know, at other times like someone we can only imagine. Places and events may take on familiar dimensions from our own lives or they may go beyond anything we have ever known.  Either way, we enter in, we walk around and we make ourselves at home as the story unfolds.

Stories can take us home or to a faraway place we have never been before. The books, poems and songs that I write introduce you to imaginary people whose lives feel very real, perhaps even a little like your life or mine. They are waiting in the words to meet you and to tell you their stories; stories of healing and wholeness, stories of family and home, stories of love and hope, stories of life.

Welcome. Come on in. Have I got a story for you…

Wm. Delia


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